What is theRaf foundation?

The Refreeze the Arctic Foundation (RAF) is a not-for-profit charity with a single goal: fast track research into MCB.

Located in The Netherlands, the RAF has the "ANBI" status, ensuring its independence from sponsors and transparency in fund deployment. Under certain circumstances, the "ANBI" status also provides tax advantages to sponsors

Less than 10% of contributions are used for running the RAF, the rest goes to research.

Our "ANBI" status ensures independence from sponsors & transparency in fund deployment
.. is the minimum contributions utilised towards RAF research
RAF's mission and objectives
RAF’s mission is to fast-track research into MCB and make the results available to all. Theoretical modelling and field experiments must first show that MCB can operate at low cost, without creating collateral damage. MCB can then be tested at a convenient location before being gradually implemented. MCB could be ready to Refreeze the Arctic and protect vulnerable areas (e.g., Great Barrier Reef) by the end of the decade. Refreezing the Arctic buys precious time to address the root cause of climate change: reduce anthropogenic GHG emissions to zero and remove them from the atmosphere back to their pre-industrial levels. RAF’s slogan is “more ice, more life”
our mission

Meet ourdirectors

The RAF Directors combine 50 years’ experience across chemical engineering, biotechnology, accounting, and patent rights. They pool knowledge, expertise and above all passion to help tackle the greatest challenge of all times: roll back global warming.

Jan Van Breugel

Science & Technology advisor

“Humanity will not willingly change its ‘spending attitude’ nor restrict its exponential growth and therefore we need to create a safety net”

Frans Vendeloo


“Buying time is one thing, but let’s not waste it: CO2 reduction is the only solution”

Barbara Veldhuis


“MCB will help make the future brighter and keep the planet cooler. However, MCB will only work if we reduce pollution and respect the world around us by changing our daily habits and behaviours.”

From theBeginning

The RAF was established with a donation by the late Hanns Walter Salzer Levi (the HWSL donation).

Hanns, an accomplished businessman, was also a remarkable polyglot and an amateur historian. Known for his curiosity, generosity, and empathy, Hanns had the ability to charm everyone he met with his modesty, wit, and vast knowledge. In his later years, he grew increasingly concerned about climate change. In the autumn of his life, he became much concerned with climate change. Hanns passed away on 21/10/21, aged 96. He never reached winter.

How does the RAFoperate?

RAF brings together world-class research institutes in the field of MCB. RAF has already created a core consortium between the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCR) and the Technical University of Delft Climate Institute (TUDCI). The consortium intends to reach out to other institutes and make research results publicly available, on a non-profit basis.

our journey torefreeze the arctic

The RAF and partners have laid out a path to bring MCB to its demonstration stage in the shortest time possible. Discover the RAF’s journey.

Discover our journey
RAF Establishment

The RAF was established in 2022 thanks to the Hanns Walter Salzer Levi donation.

The Start of Research Efforts

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RAF’s mission is to fast-track the development of MCB. With your donations, we will be one step closer to refreezing the Arctic. We have no time to waste. Donate today.