How You Can
Get Involved

Whilst there are a number of ways you can get involved, the most significant thing you can do is spread the word about Marine Cloud Brightening. Raising awareness is a powerful way to help alleviate the challenges of climate change.

How Your
Donations Help

The Hanns Walter Salzer Levi donation helped RAF to kickstart the fast-track proof of principle Marine Cloud Brightening with both CCRC and TUDCI.

With your donation, RAF could accelerate, bring more groups together and have them work in concert. It takes dedicated expertise to bring MCB from its demonstrated proof of principle, to a validated design. It needs even more specialist teams to expand the geographical area, as finding the best locations brings highest efficiency.

What You Can
do to Help

It’s not all about the money. We also need your support in advocating MCB as a safety net to limit, or even reverse global heating. Feel free to use all of the material available on this website in your lectures, speeches, and educational efforts.

Become a Partner

Discuss the opportunity to become a formal partner of Refreeze the Arctic Foundation and assist us in exploring the initiatives to buy us all time. This represents the greatest of all challenges facing humanity, help us become part of the solution.

For General Enquiries